Black History Month - dc 2022 Celestino Barrera - DC AFROLATINO CAUCUS

In honor of Black History Month we are celebrating the contributions of Black Latina, Latino, Caribbean community.

During Black History Month, the DC Afrolatino Caucus in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs (MOLA) we launched a social media campaign series to highlight the diversity of stories, history, memory and experiences of Afro-Latinos in Washington DC.

Esto yo lo hice - This I built - Juana Miranta

“Esto yo lo hice” is a documentary film that tells the story of a special category of working-class men and women who, without official permission or public recognition, build our modern world. They form the day labor community – essential workers who keep our cities alive and functioning.

It is a film in which a group of laborers from different economic sectors and with different world views share how their lives and work sustain a city, how their music keeps a city from falling silent, how their work helps keep a city standing proudly and assures that politicians have appropriate facilities in Washington, D.C. 

Go-Go Music DC Photo by Celestino Barrera

Go-Go Music


Go-Go is the soundtrack of the nation’s capital-- a celebratory reunion of Black American music (jazz, blues, soul, gospel) and Afro-Caribbean beats. The suppression of Black expression in DC threatens to silence Go-Go, the lovechild of a persistent and diverse Afro diaspora.