Glossy Flowerpiercer - Diglossa lafresnayii

Actualizado: 3 dic 2018

The Picaflor, as this clean and simple looking bird is sometimes called, is one of those beings that tends to break with the so-called rules.

Lustrosa Negro - Diglosa Lafrsnayii, Andean Mountains, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Lustrosa Negro - Diglosa Lafrsnayii

It has developed a technique for consuming the nectar of flowers without participating in the pollination chain; some people call this 'theft'.

These birds are inhabitants of the high mountains where in the middle of the Andean forests and the thickets of the páramos of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela they seek out the life-sustaining nectar and sing freely.

This bird's pointed and hooked beak is the perfect tool for its art of extracting the nectar from flowers, breaking, on the back, its stems, without the promise of pollination, but with the precision of its art: giving life.

By Cele León

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