King in danger

Actualizado: 3 dic 2018

In the last 20 years, the population of lions in the wild has, unfortunately, been reduced by 50%. These felines usually live in prides whose size varies from between 5 and 36 lions!

Each year about 55,000 species are extinct; about 15 species disappear daily.

Some young males leave their group in search of a new herd, fight for their acceptance and stay there. The sub-Saharan territory of Africa and Asia is where lions usually inhabit, however, their territory, their habitat and their lives are increasingly being destroyed and threatened by the destructive expansionism of man and his economic model of exploitation and exacerbated accumulation. 

Through photography, many conservationist photographers contribute to the struggle for the preservation of nature and its diverse harmonious forms of life, helping to inform on how beautiful and necessary animal, plant and wildlife life is, and we invite you to join us in protecting and living in harmony with nature.

By Cele León

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